Fees from 1 January 2020

8am – 6pm Monday to Friday (bulk billed)

Type Fee Medicare rebate Gap
Standard $38.20 $38.20 $0.00
Long $73.95 $73.95 $0.00

6pm – 8pm Monday to Friday,
and 8am – 12 noon Saturday

Type Fee Medicare rebate Gap
Standard $48.20 $38.20 $10.00
Long $83.95 $73.95 $10.00

8am – 1pm Sunday

Type Fee Medicare rebate Gap
Standard $64.80 $49.80 $15.00
Long $100.30 $85.30 $15.00

About our fees

We are a mixed billing practice. Consultation fees will depend on the length and complexity of the consult. Medical consumables associated with the treatment provided will attract a separate fee. All outstanding accounts are to be settled at the time of consultation.

We offer Medicare Online Claiming, so any Medicare Rebate can be paid directly to your bank account immediately, as long as you have a savings account card.


Please call us if you cannot attend your appointment.

We work hard to provide our patients with exceptional care. If you cannot attend your appointment, please call us to cancel it so we can make that time available to another patient needing our help.

Please understand that we assign highly trained nurses and doctors for these appointments, and there are many other patients who would appreciate this time. With appropriate notice, we can give your appointment to someone else.


Fees for unattended appointments will be charged as follows:

$15.00 fee for a standard appointment (not cancelled within two hours of the scheduled standard appointment time).

$20.00 fee for a Care Plan appointment (not cancelled within 24 hours prior to the appointment).

Additional fees

Procedures, such as skin lesion removal, are subject to an additional fee of $30 for treatment room costs. More complicated minor surgery will incur a higher fee which will be explained by your GP.

Mirena insertion fee $171.70, Medicare rebate $71.70, gap payable $100.